Meet Seren

Seren is a 9 month old little girl who’s happy, bubbly and sociable.  She has a close bond with her foster family, who  describe her as a delight to look after.


Seren enjoys playing on her play mat and her jumperoo.  She is becoming mobile as she is able to roll from her stomach to her back but has not worked out as yet how to roll back onto her stomach.  She likes going out for walks in her pram and has recently started to wave at people when out.  She likes looking at books and having stories read to her.  She likes music and people singing to her.  She loves Peppa Pig and has both Peppa and George teddies which she particularly likes.  She will seek comfort and affection from her carers and likes her cuddles.

Seren can be impatient and demanding at times – if she is hungry and wants her bottle she is described as being very demanding and wants it straight away.

Health & development

Seren did show signs of withdrawal and neonatal abstinent a few days after her birth but did not require any medical treatment for this. The symptoms settled within a few days except for the diarrhoea which continued for two months.  Whilst there are no concerns regarding Seren’s development, it is something that will need to be monitored to gain a fuller impression of her prognosis for future health and development.

Seren has tested positive for Hepatitis C antibodies and has been referred to a Consultant Paediatrician as she will need further monitoring and blood tests.  The Consultant Paediatrician has advised that there is “no need to do anything for now in terms of treatment because most children clear the infection by the age of 3”. However, Seren will need further blood tests to monitor both the level of the virus and her liver function.

Seren is up to date with her immunisations.  She has a good feeding and sleeping routine having recently started on solids.


Seren’s mother was known as a child to Social Services due to concerns regarding her behaviours which were beyond parental control and placing herself at risk. She was also known to Social Services through involvement with her previous children (Seren’s half siblings who have been adopted).  Seren’s mother has a history of drug misuse, depression, anxiety and self-harming. The identity of Seren’s father is unknown.

Seren was placed with foster carers following her discharge from hospital after her birth. She was four days old.


Seren needs a family who can continue to provide her with the love and stability she is currently receiving from her foster carers. Her family will need to help her understand her life story. She needs a family to commit to her, who would be able to advocate for her and ensure that he she receives all the support she requires.

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