International adoption

This involves adopting a child from another country and it should be a country that you have links with, or knowledge of the culture, history and language.

It is important that a child establishes and maintains links with the country of their birth and for adoptive parents to consider issues of identity and possible discrimination in the future.

The process of assessment is similar to that of adopting a child in the UK but on completion, the assessment will be sent to the Welsh Government for a certificate of approval. This certificate will be sent to the agency in the country of your choice and a child matching the profile in your assessment will be identified. As a part of the introductions, it will be necessary for you to travel to the country where the child resides.

Sometimes you may have identified a child prior to the assessment process beginning and it is important to understand that being approved as an adopter may not mean that the child can be brought into the UK and the UK Border Agency will need to be satisfied that entry is appropriate.

There are cost implications and north Wales applicants wishing to be assessed as adopters for a child in another country will have to pay a fee for the assessment to be completed. It is also important to remember the additional costs of travelling, legal fees etc.

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