Meet Beca, Sofia and Sian

Beca, Sofia and Sian are three sisters. Beca is 4 years old, and Sian and Sofia are 18-month old twins. All three sisters are White British/Spanish.


Beca likes music and dancing and has recently started singing ‘Let It Go’ from the film Frozen. She also loves playing with her dolls, she really enjoys playing with others and responds well to positive attention in imaginative play.  She enjoys her food and is a good eater.

Sofia likes to play building blocks and hoops stacks – and knocking them down! She is also a good eater however likes to inspect the food first. More than anything Sofia loves cuddles, especially with her toy bunny rabbit which she sleeps with.

Sian likes looking through books and playing with her toys. She enjoys trying new foods. Whilst Sian also likes her cuddles as much as the other girls, she’s happiest when exploring. She is more adventurous that her twin sister Sofia and will climb on toys and stretch out to reach objects whilst Sofia sits back and observes.

Health & development

Sofia and Sian have been quite poorly babies.  Both girls caught bronchitis amongst other illnesses and have been admitted to hospital due to these illnesses. Sian is more outgoing whilst Sofia is reserved.

Beca is healthy, but she is currently having speech therapy due to a speech delay. She is making some progress with this. Beca likes her own way but when boundaries are imposed she may shut down for a while, foster carers describe it as a ‘blanking session’ where she will just go into herself. During contact sessions with their parents Beca has been observed to be quite aggressive towards her sisters, especially if they were receiving more attention than her.

Beca, Sian and Sofia were removed from a chaotic and neglectful environment where domestic abuse, poor parenting and very poor home conditions were featured. However, Beca has adapted to her routine.


Beca, Sofia and Sian need an active and loving two parent family that can offer warmth, nurture and lifelong stability to support the needs of the three girls so they thrive.

Contact: Annual indirect with birth parents and siblings, no photographs.

Legal status: Placement order issued.

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