How does Letterbox work?

Letterbox contact is made between the adults on behalf of the adopted children, but children are welcome to get involved by sharing drawings. It’s a way for birth families – including siblings – to stay in touch with the adopted child.

Letterbox is administered by the Contact Team. They receive a referral off the Family Finding Social Worker in the adoption team. Before adoption takes place, there will be discussions between the birth family, prospective adopters and any significant other about contact. We do this to inform all parties about the importance of contact after adoption and how this can be managed within the best interests of the child. It gives everyone the opportunity to carefully think about how contact will impact on the child’s life.

There will be a written agreement between the adopter(s) and birth family, which is on behalf of the child/children who are to be adopted. This may include birth parents, grandparents, siblings or any other significant person in the child’s life. The contact agreement formalises the letterbox requirements for all parties and once signed, a copy is kept on the child’s file.

Letterbox allows news to be shared at agreed times of the year. Normally, this is once or twice a year, but this is reviewed and can change in line with the child’s best interests.

How can an adopted child access their Letterbox records?

If an adoptive child is under 18, they need consent of the adoptive parent before accessing their records. If it’s found to be in their best interests, accessing records can be done through the Letterbox service.

If the adoptive child is now over 18 and they have questions or want to know more information about their adoption, they can access their post adoption files through the North Wales Adoption Team.

When the adoptive child is 18, the birth family can also request help from us to make the adoptive person aware that they would like to make contact.

Contact our Letterbox service by phone, post or email:

North Wales Adoption Service
Letterbox Contact Team
3rd Floor Lambpit Street
LL11 1AR

Telephone: 01978 295311

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