Stage Two – preparation

The first part of Stage Two offers intensive preparation to prospective adopters through a rolling programme of mandatory training and social work assessment and tasks for you to complete to get you ready for adoption panel.

An assessment plan will be drawn up with you detailing the assessment process, dates for meetings/visits, agreed training and any further information required based on the information collected during Stage One.

Occasionally Stage Two may take longer to complete if, for example, you are struggling with the process or there have been events in your life such as a family bereavement or illness that have caused delay. Any delays in the process will be discussed with you and documented in your Prospective Adopters Report (PAR).

This stage of the assessment process is more social work-led and comprises of a series of interviews, the majority of which will take place in your home. The assessment interviews will cover in greater detail the information provided during Stage One. If you are part of a couple, the Social Worker will want to see you together as well as individually. We will look at your strengths and identify any areas for development, further learning and any likely need for adoption support services.

You may find discussing your personal circumstances and expectations with your allocated Social Worker demanding. We are aware of this and aim to work in as open a way as possible with you to make this a positive experience. It can also feel intrusive, but we want to be sure that you are fully informed and prepared for the challenges, as well as the rewards that adoption may bring.

During Stage Two we will discuss:

If there are any areas of concern that may arise they will be discussed with you at the time.


The training expected to be completed during stage 2 will be module 1 and 2 of ‘Foundations for Attachment”, ‘Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’’ and ‘Life Journey Work’.

Although it is not compulsory it is advised that your friends and family attend our ‘Family and Friends Supporting Adopters” training in order to gain an understanding of their roles in supporting you through your journey.

Prospective Adopters’ Report

All of the information gathered at this stage and the earlier stages will be collated into one document called the Prospective Adopters’ Report (PAR), written by the assessing Social Worker. This will be a reflection and analysis of the information gathered during stages one and two, including all of the statutory checks and personal references. It will highlight your strengths and any potential areas of concern or vulnerability. The report will conclude with a recommendation about your suitability to adopt. You will be given ten working days to read and comment on the report.

Where there are significant areas of concern or where clarification is needed, the Manager may arrange for a second person to visit you to discuss the issues and provide a second opinion. This is usually limited to one visit and the outcome of the visit is included in the final report.

The completed report including your comments will be presented by your social worker to one of the Joint Adoption Panels in North Wales, either Conwy and Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham or Gwynedd and Ynys Môn, depending on availability. You are invited to attend the Panel held in one of Regions and it is a great opportunity for Panel members to meet you in person.

If you’re interested in adoption, need additional support, or just want to ask us some questions, we’d love to hear from you.

You can also speak to an adoption worker for an informal chat, and we can then send you an information pack.

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